Irish Racing consists of four motorcycle enthusiasts who enjoy ridding on track in a safe and controlled environment. We feel the track is the one place where we can ride to our full potential. We believe that the enjoyment of a track day not only comes from time spent on track, but time spent with friends after a safe and successful day of ridding.

Getting a chance to talk and hang out with your fellow riders after a successful track day gives you the opportunity to continue to learn more about the sport we all love.  In addition to being able to talk with the control rider you were working with earlier that day, you can also speak with fellow riders in your group and compare different opinions on how to get round the track faster and safer. It also is a chance for your family members to socialize with the people who support us in what we love to do. 

We try to bring that family friendly environment to al the track days we ride. We enjoy providing a place where people can talk about the day over some good food and good drink, and get to know new people who we will have the chance to ride with in the future. It allows us to get more out of each event, and makes the time in between the days we ride a little easier and quicker.